About Us

We want you to always be excited by what you wear. Like you, we shop at Topshop, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Selfridges, ASOS. But sometimes, we just want to wear something cool, fresh, and interesting, something that not everyone can find on the high street, and something that doesn’t cost hundreds of pounds.
Our team goes on several buying trips every year, in the most dynamic fashion cities of the world. Unlike most buyers, we don’t stick to London, Paris, Milan, New York. We love the energy of emerging fashion capitals, such as Tokyo, Stockholm, Seoul, Singapore, where there are still a multitude of small independent designers who create small, affordable, and inspiring collections.  We bring home a handful of pieces that we loved, so that you too can get your hands on them. We only have a couple of pieces for each clothes, as they are mostly samples from independent designers who don’t mass produce.
The team
A couple of friends who met at Oxford University and share a passion for understated style, exciting fashion and travelling.
The girl buyer – Elisa
Elisa is 23, and has a passion for flower dresses, checked shirts, and cool coats. But most of all, she likes her outfit to be thoroughly global: on any given day, Elisa would be wearing jeans she got on sale in a fancy department store in NYC, a nautical top she got from her designer friend in Seoul, silver earring she picked up in a market in Mexico, leather boots she found in Cairo and a sequined handbag she got in a vintage shop in her native city, Paris. 
The guy buyer – Denny
Denny is 24, Chinese on his passport but Londoner at heart. He is in love with Cook from Skins, and likes simple and classic cuts, with a bit of an edge. He brings a healthy balance to Elisa’s love for all things fringed, flowery and bright.
Come check our ebay store - thebod clothing - and see if you find something that you like. If you want to ask us any questions regarding our store, our products, or absolutely anything else, drop us an email and we will always reply: thebod.clothing@googlemail.com