Monday, 4 April 2011

Vintage stripes and weekend dressing

Weekend dressing isn’t easy. On weekends, I want to wear something cool, easy and comfortable; i also want to be able to to go to a party at the last minute without having to change my outfit too much. The most important thing is, don't start thinking too much; you might end up losing your mind - or worse, wear something that looks weird - as illustrated by the leggings-denim skirt-cardigan disaster experienced by yours truly a few weeks ago. However, last weekend, I found my solution - i.e. stealing one of the vintage striped tops from the stock of my ebay store (don’t tell Denny).

Stripes have been a strong trend for several seasons now, and have always been favoured by effortlessly stylish icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot. Yet recently, i’ve grown a little tired of the classic nautical look, and have been more attracted towards striped prints with a vintage feel, featuring thinner stripes, crew necks, elbow patches and retro colour combinations. During the day, I wear my striped tee with love-worn jeans. And if i decide to go dancing in the evening, i’ll swap my jeans for a very short, very tight black mini skirt, black tights and ankle boots, for a sexier version of my cool day look.

Our vintage striped tees at the bod are perfect for easy weekend dressing, and have that little something that will make you stand out without even trying, from retro suede elbow patches on ribbed cotton, to cool crew necks and beautiful colour contrasts.